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hollowpikeman-deactivated201311 said: OK, so here are some terms that I (as a trans* person) think would be good if one's going to talk about body-type-specific things: to refer to organs, "typical sperm/ovum-producing anatomy", "outie"/"dangly bits","innie"/"insidey bits", and to refer to groups of people, just "people with X body part". :)

Thanks for the suggestions! I definitely like the “typical sperm/ovum-producing anatomy.” I think I’ll wind up using that one a lot!

:) It’s tough to find accurate sources, as a cis person, and it’s so helpful when people are willing to (nicely) correct any mistakes! We don’t want to offend. So thank you, again.




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Women are Women

Regardless of Sex

and Men are Men

in the Same Respects

You can be Both

or a Mix of the Two

or you can be Neither

if that’s what Suits You

but People are People

Whatever Their Parts

because what Really Matters

is Inside of our Hearts


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"Down there."




[TW: use of correct and slang terms for male and female genitalia, ideas of male dominance over women]

Stop for a second. Think. What do you call your genital area?

This blog is supposed to be breaking the boundaries around menstruation, showing you it’s not necessarily some dirty, unspeakable hell that you go through once a month. Yet here we stand with our followers, and those who come to us for advice, unable to use the proper terms.

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This is a good post — to an extent.

Sometimes, I really hate the fact I have a vagina.

No, not in a self-hating way, not because oh woe is the life of a woman, but in an honest to god gender dysphoria kind of way.

So any reference to my genitalia is “down there” because then I don’t have to reference the specific anatomy that’s bugging me.

It’s not because I feel dis-empowered as a woman. It’s because I currently do not feel like a woman.

I’m fine with the word vagina on days I do feel more feminine. I just don’t feel that way every day.

That actually brings up a really good point. I think it’s different for people who don’t identify as cis-gender or do have some sort of gender dysphoria. At that point it’s okay to call your genitalia whatever makes you comfortable. It’s just when you DO identify as having a vagina but you feel so uncomfortable with the word because we’ve been taught that our genitalia is a disgusting thing that we need to train ourselves to call it a vagina.

fyeahsexeducation put it into exactly the words I would. 

The post wasn’t really meant to be cis-sexist at all. Turthfully, sometimes it has to be taken with a grain of salt that I am a cis woman, was born as a woman, and I am writing from the perspectives I have. I’m lucky in that I was born into a body that is me. I can’t put myself into the shoes of someone with gender dysphoria because I don’t feel that way.

The article really is meant more to apply to people who are flat out afraid of their vagina. If you are uncomfortable with calling it a vagina because you think it’s “icky” that’s a problem. If you are uncomfortable calling it a vagina because you feel is doesn’t apply to you or makes you feel devalued at the gender you express yourself as (awkward wording is awkward) then that’s totally fine. :)

The post was also written after getting several messages from people referring to the area as “down there” in the sense of being afraid of the true terms.

So, again, no offense! We try to keep our blog as gender-neutral as possible.




We have a transcript:here

Auto-play alert!

(Apologies if you’re Tumbling in class/at work. Which you shouldn’t be SO GO BE PRODUCTIVE.)

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No, this doesn’t really have to do with menstruation but it’s interesting! (If you’ve got a free 20 minutes, watch the entire thing!)

Love all the genders!


I saw your post about wanting an all the things meme… so I made one :D  Here it is!!!!  

Well done :)

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Hey ya’ll—Be sure to check out our newly-updated Sites We Like page here: http://itsjustaperiod.tumblr.com/siteswelike
Happy Saturday!

Hey ya’ll—

Be sure to check out our newly-updated Sites We Like page here: http://itsjustaperiod.tumblr.com/siteswelike

Happy Saturday!


Sex positivity suggests being open and accepting of all sexual preferences, partners, and activities (as long as both partner(s) are consenting). It recognizes that sexual expression is good and an important part of an individual’s lifestyle. It embraces various beliefs regarding sexual partners and lifestyles and encourages pleasure as an important part of sex. Sex positivity advocates that individuals practice safe sex and become educated about all topics regarding sexuality and sex, not just some. In addition, sex positivity denotes acceptance of each person as a unique individual, regardless of the individual’s gender or sexual orientation, and encourages everyone to learn about things that they are not familiar with in the hopes of lessening judgment and/or ignorance of any given sexual orientation, gender, lifestyles, or activities. Sex positivity signifies that one sees sex and all of its components in a positive light, not as something that is negative, frightening, or shameful.
— Talia, CSPH intern (via thecsph)

More really cool takes on what it means to be sex-positive here.  
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