Best period-related ad ever? Best period-related ad ever.




It’s actually the worst period-related ad ever.
Not sure which rock these people grew up under, but it’s a known fact that women, or rather girls in this case, shouldn’t even be using tampons. It won’t hurt them, of course not, but OB-GYNS say you shouldn’t use them until you’ve had your first sexual experience. To be more specific: If you want your hymen to stay intact, don’t use a freaking tampon.

And how old is that girl again?! 11… 12, maybe?!… Yeah she’s not supposed to stick anything up her vagina at that age. 

This ad is just too wrong on too many levels for my liking.

Hold the phone. Listen here, fuckwit, how about you shut up and learn something about female anatomy before you go spouting off and making a fool of your damn self. The only reason doctors sometimes tell younger girls to wait to use tampons is that middle-school aged girls often aren’t responsible enough to remember to take out their tampons on time and not give themselves TSS.

And this irresponsible ass-hattery you’re pulling about the hymen? It’s a thin, elastic ring of tissue just inside the vagina. I repeat: A RING. You know what fucking rings have? Holes in the middle, shit-for-brains. If it wasn’t a ring, didn’t have a hole, how the fucking fuck did you think females had periods in the first place?! For almost all females, you can go right ahead and stick whatever the fuck you want up there—tampons, fingers, penises, cucumbers, glittery purple dildos, popsicles, what the christing fuck ever—and as long as you’re gentle and stretch it out slowly, your hymen will never tear. Or “pop”, if we’re using the fucked up misogynistic term for a god-awfully mistunderstood part of the female body.

Pull your head lout of your goddamn colon and learn a thing or two before you go fucking up a perfectly good post with you patriarchal-brainwashed bullshit. Please and thank you.


*people who have vaginas

cuz let’s be real not everyone who has a vagina is a woman/female ok?

other than that

(I would also like to remind, though, that many vagina-havers did experience tearing at the time of first penetration because they didn’t know that they needed to be gentle or careful)

Can you masturbate on your period?


YES! You can totally masturbate on your period.

How do i masturbate while I’m on my period? Help, I’m so freakin’ horny!”

Is it OK to masturbate during your period? I get constant urges but I feel like it can’t good…”

It’s not bad for you, or unsafe, or dangerous.

It’s your own personal choice, but you can definitely just masturbate like normal! If you rub your clit, there isn’t really much/any mess to speak of, especially if you use tampons.

If you have something you can use as lube (or just use your saliva!) you don’t even need to dip your fingers any further down south than necessary. And if you have a scrappy old towel lying around you can just put that under you if you’re worried. Or, just have some fun while you’re in the shower ;)

Even if there’s a little blood, remember your entire body is full of that stuff! It’s not a poison or dangerous or necessarily gross, it’s the stuff that keeps you walking around and having a nice time. And it’s nothing a wet wipe and washing your hands won’t sort out in like ten seconds after you’re done.

Periods kinda suck, so don’t feel you have to DENY YOURSELF ALL PLEASURE at the same time. Horniness can be really frustrating, getting off feels really good, and you deserve all the amazing orgasms you want, no matter what time of the month it is.

Some girls even say climaxes help ease their cramps, although at least one person wrote to say they make hers worse. And because your cycle can affect your arousal and stuff, some girls find sexual pleasure even more intense during their period…

Is it normal to have stronger orgasms while on your period? I just had two of the BEST orgasms, and I just started my period.”

And some find it harder to get off.

I get really really super horny during my period, but no matter what I do I can never actually reach orgasm! It’s fine for me normally, it’s just at that ‘time of the month’ that I can’t ever *quite* get there. It’s so frustrating!”

So it goes. Anyway, if it’s not for you ‘cos you just find the idea really icky, that’s fine too! Lots of people feel that way. But you don’t need to spend days every month as a little angry ball of sexual frustration if you don’t want to :)

Anonymous said: I need help, I've been having trouble with tampons ever since I first got my period. I've tried reading books on it, looking for help online, etc. and nothing seems to help. I try moving it around but everything that I do hurts and I end up crying and sore down there because of this. I've tried using a mirror and that didn't seem to help, although I could locate the opening better when I look at it it doesn't even seem like a hole, I have no idea how anything can fit in there. I've even (1/2)

(2/2) tried using my finger just to get use to the angle and even that just ended up with me in pain. I’m getting really frustrated with this, I’ve even asked my mom/sister for help before but nothing works. Help??

Hey! I am so sorry that I have not answered this sooner. I’ve been very stressed. But I’m here now!

There are three main things that come to my mind from your description of experience:

Some people have a vaginal corona (“hymen”) that covers up a significant part of the vaginal opening. It can be painful to insert tampons, fingers, toys, and other body parts and objects. 

Here’s a helpful post about the vaginal corona! It’s actually adapted from this booklet (tw: mention of sexual assault).

The second option is that you may have something called vaginismus, which is a condition where the vagina spasms suddenly and very tightly when insertion of something is attempted, making insertion painful. Here’s the wikipedia page on it!

And the third is vulvodynia, which is an umbrella, catch-all term for pain in the vagina. Here’s the wiki page for that. And there is also something called vulvar vestibulitis, a subset of vulvodynia.

I’ve actually had a similar story to yours, however, my hymen was torn the first times that I had penetrative intercourse. Prior to that, I had trouble inserting tampons and was miserable. It went away for a while, but it has returned (for me) and I experience burning, cutting pain when inserting my menstrual cup or having penetrative sex.

The best thing you can do in this situation? Go see a gynecologist. You seem to have sort of exhausted your resources, and have not really made any progress. Go to a gyno (don’t worry! It’s not bad at all) and talk to them about it. Not only will they be able to help you diagnose, but they will be able to help treat.

In the meantime, try inserting tampons with a little bit of lube on them! You can get a water based lube at target. And make yourself relax. Maybe massage your vaginal opening for a few minutes (I know, I know, gross, blood—just try it!) to see if you can get it to relax. You can also try stretching it when you aren’t on your period—try masturbating and while doing so, inserting your smallest finger into the vagina, and then moving in and out slowly (use lube!!!) and that sort of thing, to stretch the opening.

But. My biggest advice (since I am not a medical professional) is to seek help from a gyno. <3

my friend is a model :D

Don&#8217;t Be Blind: Get Tested.World AIDS Day USCDecember 1st, 2012www.worldmed.usc.edu

my friend is a model :D

Don’t Be Blind: Get Tested.
World AIDS Day USC
December 1st, 2012







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Never fuck anyone you wouldn’t wanna be.
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y’all just got scienced. 

04:18? Bwahaha.

(Seriously, though. Dental dams are important. Use ‘em!)


HAHA, Bird talking to Bee: “We do WHAT?” 

Birds &amp; The Bees by Tom Lindsay is one of today’s reprinted tees.


HAHA, Bird talking to Bee: “We do WHAT?” 


Birds & The Bees by Tom Lindsay is one of today’s reprinted tees.

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Anonymous said: When I'm on my period I always get horny (and I mean REALLY horny) but I don't really have anything to masturbate with if you understand what I mean, and I'm too embarrassed to buy anything from a shop and I can't order online because parents and whatnot. Do you have anything you could recommend?

Firstly: Don’t be embarrassed about buying something from a shop. They sell that kind of stuff for a reason and you’re not the first person those cashiers have had to ring up a vibrator for. You could start with Spencer’s—it’s not a ‘sex shop’ per se so it’s less intimidating. I’ve never had a problem buying those things aside from giggling fits over oddly squishy dildos

But, there are actually quite a few things you can use at home. A hairbrush handle is one idea, especially if you can cover it with a lubed condom. Detachable shower-heads are good, and so is just the bath faucet. 

If you have an iPhone, there are actually vibrator apps. Yes, seriously. They aren’t brilliant, but hey, not the worst invention thought up. Electric toothbrush handles make decent vibrators as well.

Before you put anything in there, make sure the object is CLEAN. And be sure to clean it afterwards, too.


If you don’t have a credit/debit card of your own, you could try purchasing a gift card from AMEX/Mastercard/Visa with cash and making your online purchases that way. If you’re worried about privacy (and you know that your parents won’t open your packages without your permission), look for companies that ship their stuff in unmarked packages. 

If you must go the DIY dildo route, keep these things in mind:

- Things that are porous (e.g. wood, handbrushes) and that can’t be boiled easily should always be covered with a condom. (This goes for DIY toys as well as store-bought vibes and dildos you can’t clean all that well.)

- Do not insert anything without a large flared base into your anus. I really, really don’t recommend DIY toys for anal penetration, as manufactured toys are specifically designed to not get lost in your anus. (Imagine having to go to the emergency room because of this…be careful!)

- No pointed or sharp edges. Ever.

- No brittle/breakable things, as you can cut yourself or they can break off inside of you. There are some pretty good glass dildos out there, but they’re generally made out of special, super-durable Pyrex. (Ice is an exception, but you should still be very careful of pointed/sharp edges.)

- Some people use fruit/vegetables. If you go this route, wash them well, peel if necessary and wrap those up in a condom to prevent infections. 

- Be careful with temperature play, and please don’t put freezing cold metal on exposed skin. A good rule: if it’s too hot for the skin on the inner part of your wrist to handle, then it’s probably gonna hurt you!

- Showerheads, faucets and jacuzzi jets (which are amazing, thank you very much) are awesome, but directing the jet of water directly into the opening of your vagina can cause damage. Try directing the water towards your clit, mons, perineum or anus.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

~ k  

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